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James Dean & John Belushi

Expansive spirit surrounds a rebellious nature. Orange (Sagittarius) ascending Dark Blue (Aquarius) sun. Black (Scorpio) moon conveys mystery, magnetism and self destructive tendencies.

Martin Luther King

Brown (Capricorn sun) indicates dignity, authority and responsibility. A ring of Bright Green (Taurus ascendant) conveys sensuality, determination and working for what one values. Lavender in the center (Pisces moon) reveals heightened sensitivity and a spiritual, compassionate nature.

Three Sagittarian Storytellers

Stephen Spielberg

Woody Allen

Mark Twain

Humor, exaggeration, adventure and being lucky are key characteristics of Sagittarius (orange). Black indicates power and strong intuition.

Silver conveys sensitivity and intuitive gifts. Dark green is aligned to working detail and repetition. Dark Blue conveys quirky individualism, originality and group leadership. Red conveys ambition, courage, raw energy and competitive drive.>

Charles Manson

Let’s look at a Bad guy where the worst characteristics of each sign are revealed.

Scorpio Sun (black) conveys a preoccupation with power and manipulation. Greed, stubbornness and hedonism are aligned to Taurus (bright green).

A dark blue center (Aquarius Moon) indicates intelligence, rebellion, group organization and cool emotional detachment.

Deejay Mirandom

Deejay Mirandom

Gemini ascending (bright blue) conveys communication, versatility, popularity and quickness.

Libra sun (light blue) indicates an alignment to art, music beauty and harmony. There’s cultural sensitivity and a natural bend toward others.

Sagittarius moon (orange) reveals an adventurous, fun loving, bold and spontaneous quality. There’s an innate relationship to the iconic or mythic persona.

Cooperation and gentleness are in contrast to freedom loving, impulsive tendencies. The ability to juggle many things and explore a wide range of talents are expressed through this combination.


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